Sazzy Zia Fashionable Society

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Terms and conditions:

👑You must be a regular Sazzy gowns/party including boy's suits or Raven Zia buyer. A minimum of 2 purchases within 6 months.

👑Be commited to pay within the time frame given. The custom suit/gown must be fully paid otherwise deposit is non refundable and will sell the product in auction.

👑To maintain your membership,  you must purchase within 3 months or you'll be suspended from the group or club.

📣Any fault issues MUST DIRECTLY message me,  any public posts will be deleted and you'll be block or ban.

👑A 50% non refundable deposit is retain every pre-order or custom items

👑 I design what comes to my mind, so you'll have to have confidence in my designs and trust before you decide to pick my designs before commiting to pre-order.  No change of mind,  cancellation or refund as this designs are make as samples and it's a long process and lots of work. It's my call to make changes from drawing to production to finish products.  So just be patient please and sit tight.

👑 Two missed payments, if without communication, (unless proven sickness or loss of income), deposit is retain and will sell the items as auction.

👑You'll get a commission in forms of gift or store credit if you're family or friends make a purchase.

🛍Please also refer to our store policies for further information.

📚 If you agree the above terms and conditions,  please click here📲  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


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